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OTTOLOCK® is an all-new cinch lock for both cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who value their gear and need a compact and lightweight solution.

OTTOLOCK is designed for short-stop security and protecting against theft opportunists. It’s more secure than a cable lock and much lighter than a U-Lock. Starting weight at just 120g and coiling to a compact 3 inch diameter, OTTOLOCK is truly portable and always there when you need it.

Security is addressed with a patent-pending, multi-layer steel and Kevlar® band design, making it extremely cut-resistant. Conventional theft tools like wire or bolt cutters will have a hard time against OTTOLOCK. It is not a replacement for a U-Lock. For maximum security, use a redundant locking method with both a U-Lock and a secondary lock.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the design intent behind OTTOLOCK?

OTTOLOCK is designed for short stay security and protecting against theft opportunists, while simultaneously meeting desired low weight and compact size requirements. OTTOLOCK is not designed for overnight or long duration security in high-crime metropolitan areas.

How does OTTOLOCK compare to other types of locks?

Click here to see OTTOLOCK stand up to bolt cutters compared to a cable lock.

How secure is OTTOLOCK? Will it stand up to an angle grinder or hacksaw? Will it replace my U-Lock?

We have tested the product under many failure modes including tensile pull, torsion, impact, flame temperature and more. You can watch several testing videos on YouTube to see how the OTTOLOCK stands up. Specific to hacksaw or angle grinder theft attempts, a motivated thief will be able to defeat the OTTOLOCK in a relatively short period of time. It is important to note that all locks can be defeated with proper tools, technique and time.

OTTOLOCK is not a replacement for a U-Lock. For maximum security, use a redundant locking method with both a U-Lock and a secondary lock.

Which length OTTOLOCK do I choose for bicycle use - 18" versus 30"?

Either length is a good choice as both are extremely lightweight and compact. See table below. Your lock up application makes a difference as to which is a better choice. Many "weight weenies" or serious riders prefer the 18" as it works great for a mid-ride stop and locking a single tube to a post or pole up to 4-5" diameter. The 18" fits in or cinched around a small saddle bag. The 30" is far more universal and better for horizontal racks or grabbing hard-to-reach features. The 30" version also provides a little extra band for "cinching" tight. Many consumers are buying both lengths.

How do you lock & unlock OTTOLOCK?


  1. 1. Undo ladder strap.
  2. 2. Uncoil band.
  3. 3. Set lock tumblers to current combination (factory default is 0-0-0) between the two raised indicators.
  4. 4. Press button until flush.
  5. 5. Insert band into opening under tumblers while holding button.
  6. 6. Release button.
  7. 7. Spin tumblers. OTTOLOCK is now locked.


  1. 1. Set tumblers to current combination (factory default is 0-0-0).
  2. 2. Press button and pull band to unlock.
  3. 3. Coil band around your hand and over lock head and set in place with ladder strap.

How do you reset the OTTOLOCK combination?

You can change the combination from the factory setting to a combo of your choice. This is really handy if you have multiple OTTOLOCKs and need to remember easily. To reset the combination:

  1. 1. Set tumblers to current combination (factory default is 0-0-0).
  2. 2. Insert a thumbtack/push pin* into the small hole on the side of the lock head - you should feel and hear a click.
  3. 3. Remove the pin.
  4. 4. Turn the wheels to the desired combination.
  5. 5. Firmly press the button until flush to set.
  6. * NOTE: using a paperclip or safety pin is not recommended.

Watch the video demonstration of how to reset the combination. If you're having trouble, watch the troubleshooting video.

How do you use the OTTO Mount?

The OTTO Mount is an excellent accessory for on-the-bike carry of OTTOLOCK, but it's important to be sure and hook all four (4) of the silicone tabs to the ladder strap if you use the OTTO Mount to carry your lock on your bike. The fit should be snug but do not over-stretch or over-tighten. Also, we advise putting the lock head near the post or tube you mount to so that the weight is closer to the bike frame. We've tested the heck out of the OTTO Mount on long gravel rides and 5-hr MTB adventures and there is no problem if the hooks are hooked. For step-by-step installation instructions, click on the Support/FAQ tab on the OTTO Mount page.

Why is it so difficult to cut?

Without a long technical explanation, the answer lies in the combination of these multiple layers, how the layers slide upon one another under load, and the aspect ratio of materials relative to cutting jaws.

What is the band made of?

The band is made of ten (10) total layers – a combination of high-temper stainless steel and braided Kevlar® internally, and anti-scratch Santoprene® on the exterior.

Can OTTOLOCK be daisy-chained?

Yes! You can connect multiple OTTOLOCKS together for added length.

Why does the head have a 3-digit combination vs. a 4-digit combination head? Will there be a keyed version?

A 3-digit combination head is more than adequate security given the initial design intent and intended use applications. Extra features have been designed into the combination wheels to prevent conventional thief jamming or picking methods. A key version or higher-security OTTOLCK version will be considered in the future product road map and determined based on market demand.