OTTOLOCK Hexband Cinch Lock Bike Locks – 46cm

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The OTTOLOCK Hexband Cinch Lock bike lock (46 cm) weighs only 190 grams, it is compact and protects your bike, but also luggage and other sports equipment such as canoes or surfboards. OTTOLOCK Hexband is particularly robust due to 6 layers of stainless steel in the strap compared to 3 layers in the conventional Cinch Lock.

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OTTOLOCK® Hexband is a brand new bike lock (belt lock) for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who value their equipment and need a compact and LIGHT solution.

OTTOLOCK Hexband Cinch Lock offers particularly robust protection due to 6 layers of stainless steel compared to 3 layers of conventional Cinch Lock. OTTLOCK Hexband bicycle locks are more secure than a cable lock and much lighter than a U-lock. Weighing only 190 g, the OTTOLOCK Cinch Lock Bike Locks with 46 cm strap length is truly portable and always there when you need it. For locking to lampposts we recommend the 152cm version.

Safety is ensured by a patent-pending multi-layer steel and Kevlar® tape design that makes it extremely cut-resistant. Conventional theft tools such as wire or bolt cutters have a hard time with OTTOLOCK Hexband.

For maximum security we recommend the combination of OTTOLOCK Hexband Cinch Lock and an OTTOLOCK U-lock.

OTTOLOCK products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

OTTOLOCK Hexband Cinch Lock Bike Locks – Technical Data


Flexible bicycle lock, belt lock

Available lengths

18″ (46 cm) belt buckle
30″ (76 cm) belt buckle
60″ (152 cm) belt buckle


18″ (46 cm) = 190 gram
30″ (76 cm) = 250 Gamm
60″ (152 cm) = 375 gram

Outer diameter with belt buckle rolled up

18″ (46 cm): Ø 3,5″ (8,89 cm)
30″ (76 cm): Ø 4,0″ (10,16 cm)
60″ (152 cm): Ø 5,0″ (12,70 cm)


Stainless steel bands (6 layers)
Chip-resistant Cerakote® ceramic paint
Non-damaging Santoprene® plastic
DuPont ™ Kevlar® fiber