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More than just a bike lock

You are the owner of an OTTOLOCK and have already used it diligently over the summer to secure your bike during smaller and larger stopovers? You can also use your lock for many more occasions. We at OTTOLOCK use it to secure our skis during ski vacations on larger alpine pastures. Just as frustrating as a stolen bike are stolen skis. This can ruin not only your ski day but possibly your entire vacation. It’s easy: just carry your lightweight OTTOLOCK in the pocket of your ski jacket and lock your skis at the narrowest point or binding to the ski racks of your snack hut. There are no limits to your creativity. Whether snowboarder, tobogganist, or touring – for all these sports and many more you can use your lightweight and compact OTTOLOCK. 

If you have not addicted to snow sports yourself, you can of course put the OTTOLOCK under the Christmas tree as a wonderful Christmas gift for your snow sports enthusiastic friends. This way, you not only secure your friends’ winter sports equipment but also their vacation to a certain extent.

We wish you a merry Christmas season and especially a great snow season without thefts.

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