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OTTOLOCK Guidelines for proper use

Where to use the OTTOLOCK

A motivated thief can overcome all bicycle locks with the right tools, techniques, and time. OTTOLOCK offers adequate “Quick Stop” protection against many types of attacks – but not against all tools.

The OTTOLOCK is a lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry solution to prevent casual theft. These include short stops such as coffee, snack, or restroom breaks. After all, many stolen bikes are stolen when they are unlocked. The OTTOLOCK is a convenient locking option where weight plays virtually no role.

In areas with a high crime rate or during long periods when your bike is not locked, we recommend securing your bike with a high-quality U-lock, such as the Side-Kick U-LOCK.

OTTOLOCK Guidelines for proper use

How does OTTOLOCK compare to other types of locks?

OTTOLOCK comparison table

How secure is the OTTOLOCK? Will it replace my U-lock?

We have tested the OTTOLOCK under many conditions, and have subjected it to extreme tensile, torsional, impact, and heat influences. You can watch several test videos on YouTube. There you can see how the OTTOLOCK performs in the tests. An OTTOLOCK is better than a cable lock against standard theft tools such as bolt cutters or wire cutters. However, in the case of theft attempts with scissors, a hacksaw, or an angle grinder, a motivated thief can overcome the OTTOLOCK. It is essential to know that all locks can be overcome with the right tools, proper technique, and time.

The OTTOLOCK is not a replacement for a U-lock, such as the Sidekick U-Lock. For maximum security, you should use a redundant locking method with a U-lock and a second lock.

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