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Add a smart indoor trainer for bad weather to your bike setup

When the weather doesn’t play along and you are forced to train inside your four walls, you don’t need an OTTOLOCK lock, but an indoor bike trainer. Ideally, you’ll use a smart indoor trainer that provides an entertaining workout while giving you an effective workout. There is no better way to stay fit over the winter for the upcoming summer cycling season than indoor bike training. Training on “the roller” allows you to ride together even with friends who do not live next door, but far away. Connect to it via training platforms like Zwift or Rouvy. There are many options.

If you’re still looking for a smart indoor trainer, you should check out the JetBlack Volt Trainer. The well known tech-YouTuber DC Rainmaker has made a detailed review about the JetBlack Indoor Volt Trainers gemacht and draws an extremely positive conclusion: “Overall, I’m pretty darn impressed with the JetBlack VOLT. The VOLT is not only a direct drive trainer, but one that comes with a cassette. Priced at about 799 EUR, it easily undercuts the Wahoo KICKR CORE in price – and seems to match it on real-world accuracy and sound (it’s basically silent). Of course, indoor training is a good training alternative not only in winter, but also in summer.

You can check out the DC Rainmaker review for yourself HERE, or check out JetBlack’s page on the Volt here HERE.

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