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The Best Bike Use Applications

It’s been three whirlwind years since we introduced the OTTOLOCK cinch lock concept. Like all new products and categories, we’ve seen our share of hype declaring it “the greatest new product ever,” together with plenty of scrutiny given its novel design. New products are often expected to be solutions for all needs and situations, but every product has its “place,” and using them in these best-use cases will get you the most value.

We have sold over 180,000 units since our launch, and we’ve learned a great deal about the expectations of mobile security customers along the way, particularly in the bike segment where theft can be rampant. Our cinch lock was never intended to be “unbreakable” or “undefeatable.” It provides a deterrent level of security in a lightweight, compact form factor which is simple to use. If you believed everything on the internet, you might think our cinch lock is nothing more than a plastic zip tie. This couldn’t be further from the truth given our advanced materials and meticulous approach to production quality.

Cinch locks have limits and we outline these in our bike use guidelines. Let’s take a look at the best three bike applications:

  1. Café Stops

The origin of the idea was the coffee shop, so it figures this would be one of the best uses. The quick stop at a store, a restroom, or a café when out on a long ride is the base security concept of OTTOLOCK. Since we created the “pocket lock” category, there are new entrants and more choices, but none have the same security-to-weight ratio if tested against many different theft tools. A really clever use of the 18” or 30” cinch lock when riding with a buddy is to simply lock the top tubes of both bikes together while you pop into the convenience store. There are low odds someone will walk away with two bikes hooked together while you grab some water or snacks. What’s a quick stop? This depends on the specific circumstance.

  1. Bikepacking

The growing segment of bike tourists and adventure riders has jumped on the cinch lock because of its size and weight. When you have a loaded bike, who really needs the extra two to four pounds of a chain or u-lock? This is where OTTOLOCK shines as our products range from 1/3 to 1/2 pound and can wrap up, hook on, or be stowed in many places on the bike. Take a good look at former World Tour professional Peter Stetina’s setup as a great example of gravel adventure riding with our lightweight cinch lock. The other good thing about this use case is most of these adventure lock-ups are not done in higher-crime areas.

  1. Car Racks

Many bike racks already come with an integrated locking cable. We recommend using a 60” HEXBAND as a primary or redundant lock to wrap multiple bikes together through the frames, rack, and even the chain ring. There is no better way to slow thieves down than by using redundant security (two locks), and our HEXBAND has been proven tough in the field versus many tools, even snips.

There are many more uses for an OTTOLOCK. If you don’t already, follow us on Instagram to see what our users and fans are doing with our products. It may plant a new seed. Ride on!

  • Jake VanderZanden

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