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OTTOLOCK SIDEKICK Faltschloss, ideal für eBikes

We would like to introduce: Our new Sidekick folding lock

When developing the OTTOLOCK Sidekick folding lock, we decided on a variant that is both robust and reasonably priced. Our new OTTOLOCK provides ideal mobile security for locking up your eBike, scooter, city scooter, or normal bike. Thanks to the well-thought-out holder, you can attach it to many different positions. Our Sidekick folding lock offers […]

OTTOLOCK is the official partner for mobile security of Human Powered Health

We are the official partner for mobile security of the Human Powered Health cycling team. In the press release, the team writes: When it comes to day-to-day cycling there’s no piece of equipment quite as valuable as a bicycle lock. That’s where Ottolock come in, the official mobile security partner of Human Powered Health, the […]

Spring check for your bike

Spring check for your bike – here’s what you should look out for

When the days get longer and warmer again in spring, the time has come to prepare your bike for the next season. After a long winter, you should perform a detailed spring check on your bike. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know for a spring bike check. If you didn’t […]

OTTOLOCK Guidelines for proper use

Where to use the OTTOLOCK

A motivated thief can overcome all bicycle locks with the right tools, techniques, and time. OTTOLOCK offers adequate “Quick Stop” protection against many types of attacks – but not against all tools. The OTTOLOCK is a lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry solution to prevent casual theft. These include short stops such as coffee, snack, or restroom […]

Slow Guy On the Fast Ride Podcast

The creation process of an OTTOLOCK

In his latest newsletter, “a handmade tale” podcaster Dan Cavallari took a close look at the genesis of OTTOLOCK and the production of the super light and durable OTTOLOCKs. To that end, he recently met Jake VanderZanden, our founder of Ottolock, and former pro cyclist Jacob Rathe, the “idea man” behind the Ottolock concept, at […]

The history of OTTOLOCK

It wasn’t the first time someone had the idea. Serious cyclists have been locking up their bikes outside coffee shops with helmet straps or other bizarre methods with no security for years. What was different this time was the passion for a real solution. Serious cyclists have been locking their bikes outside cafes for years […]

The Best Bike Use Applications

It’s been three whirlwind years since we introduced the OTTOLOCK cinch lock concept. Like all new products and categories, we’ve seen our share of hype declaring it “the greatest new product ever,” together with plenty of scrutiny given its novel design. New products are often expected to be solutions for all needs and situations, but […]

Add a smart indoor trainer for bad weather to your bike setup

When the weather doesn’t play along and you are forced to train inside your four walls, you don’t need an OTTOLOCK lock, but an indoor bike trainer. Ideally, you’ll use a smart indoor trainer that provides an entertaining workout while giving you an effective workout. There is no better way to stay fit over the […]

OTTOLOCK Bike Locks buy online in the official store at

OTTOLOCK puts an end to clunky bike locks The OTTOLOCK conquers the European cycling scene. Previously only available in America, the innovative bike gadget is now also available in Germany via the official store. The unique ratio between weight and safety make the OTTOLOCK indispensable for bike lovers. Its light weight initially gives the […]

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